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Hi I’m Susan the CEO, Owner & Director Of Fan of Lashes, Australia’s largest supplier of Heat Bonded Silk Pre-made Volume Eye Lash Extensions. 

 Fan of Lashes started over 7 years ago when my good friend, Elke immersed herself into the world of lashing, learning everything she could and even became a lash trainer herself.

While she was training in the lash salons, she was creating beautiful fans but it took a considerable amount of time. Herself and salon owners alike wanted to have an alternative option that included a speedier application for their busy clients. Determined to find a solution, her hunt for the perfect Pre-made Volume Lash began. It took time and a lot of trial and error but the result is now our own little treasure.

Our Pre-made Volume Eye Lash Extensions are crafted from fine black silk and come in a variety of lengths, curls and fan sizes to suit any eye. They can easily be customised to each individual client. Designing a beautiful product like our Silk Pre-made Volume Eye Lash Extensions has been a game changer for so many inspiring business owners here and around the world.

I (Susan) have recently stepped into the business after travelling and working around Australia in a caravan for the last 6 years with my husband and our 3 kids but it is now time to settle down. Right as we moved out of the caravan and into a house, Elke messaged our group of friends and said she was going to sell the business and I felt like that was a sign of what was next for me. I am very driven and like to stay busy so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to jump right in and work for myself.

Over the next month, Elke taught me all there is to know about the business and I am super excited to see where I can take this. I love seeing women and men pushing themselves through their fears and pushing to do what they believe in so I am here backing you all the way.

I know you will love using our product as much as we do, because a lot of lash love has gone into creating these perfect Pre-made Volume Lashes.

This Shop is the culmination of a long held dream and a want to support other businesses and we can’t wait to share our product and knowledge with you all. 

Since you are here, have a look around, follow us on our socials, get started and watch your business and your client base grow.

Happy lashing!



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