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Hi I’m Elke the CEO, Owner & Director Of Fan of Lashes, Australia’s largest supplier of Heat Bonded Silk Pre-made Volume Eye Lash Extensions. 

 My Lash journey started 5 years ago and I quickly found my passion. I immersed myself into the world of lashing, learning everything I could. 

One of my biggest accomplishments has been starting my own business. I realised that the hunger and determination to achieve my own success relied directly upon my ability to help others do the same. I wanted to turn information I know about the lash industry into action so I started training fellow lash artists the art of Classic and Russian Volume Lashes. Soon enough these amazing, talented ladies were creating their own success stories and a part of me continues to be excited for them.

While I was training in the lash salons, I was creating beautiful fans but it took a considerable amount of time. Myself and salon owners alike wanted to have an alternative option that included a speedier application for their busy clients. Determined to find a solution, my hunt for the perfect Pre-made Volume Lash began. It took time and a lot of trial and error but the result is now my own little treasure.

Our Pre-made Volume Eye Lash Extensions are crafted from fine black silk and come in a variety of lengths, curls and fan sizes to suit any eye. They can easily be customised to each individual client. Designing a beautiful product like our Silk Pre-made Volume Eye Lash Extensions has been a game changer for so many inspiring business owners here and around the world.

I know you will love using them as much as I do, because a lot of lash love has gone into creating these perfect Pre-made Volume Lashes.

This Shop is the culmination of a long held dream to share my product and knowledge with you all. 

Since you are here, have a look around, follow us on our socials, get started and watch your business and your client base grow.

Happy lashing!



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