Look no further, as we have the perfect and most amazing pre-made lash extensions available online!

Fan of Lashes have been established for more than five years and we pride ourselves on having the best quality pre-made lashes on the market.
Fan Of Lashes have literally changed the way the market has looked at pre-made fans.
If you are after the perfect fan every time, with those amazing fluffy results, our range can most definitely achieve that!

Our pre-made lashes can be attached to every single healthy natural lash.



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14D MEGA Volume Lashes 0.03


Lash Curl: C Curl & D Curl
Weight: 0.03
Sizes: 10mm -14mm
Dimensions: 12D
Fans Per Tray: 240
Fans Per Strip: 10

MEGA Premade Volume Lashes are the newest craze, clients are going crazy for these Mega Volume, fluffy, black, dramatic finishes. 

We offer more Fans to a tray than other brands on the market. 

Our Mega Volume Premades have the most amazing sharpest point.
Evenly fanned to create consistency.
All our Premade Lashes are Handmade.
Cruelty FREE Always!!
Foiled back, so you can easily remove the strip.
Our fans don’t fall apart.
The pointy base of our Mega Premade Lashes magnetises to the natural lash with no slipping.
Dimension, sizing and diameter on each strip.
You can create amazing sets of MEGA Lashes in half the time!! 


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Fan Description:

Pre-made Volume Lashes are bonded together with heat, not glue, for an excellent hold.

Pre-made Volume Lashes are easy to apply to the natural lash and can hold up to 0.15 in Classic Lashes, the 1:1 method of lashing.

Pre-made Volume Lashes can be used by classic trained lash artists as well as traditional handmade lash artists.

If you are looking for something that can add volume but are time poor, Pre-made Volume Lashes are perfect and are amazing for those clients who want thick, luscious lashes. Pre-made Volume Lashes add volume, style and flexibility and are very comfortable to wear. You do NOT have to be Volume Trained to use Pre-made Volume Lashes, you just need to know the art of lashing.

When applying Pre-made Volume Lashes, it is important to use the correct size and dimension for your client's natural lash.

Pre-made Volume Lashes gently remove from the strip without leaving any residue. Use your hook tweezers to remove the Pre-made Volume Lashes from the strip.

When dipping your Pre-made Volume Lashes into the adhesive I recommend dipping into the centre of the adhesive 1mm in and slowly removing it to avoid any beading on the end of the lash. Only a tiny amount of adhesive is required.

Pre-made Volume Lashes can be applied on top or underneath the natural lash. Apply the Pre-made Volume Lashes 1mm from the lash line to create clean even lines and great retention.

I personally apply Pre-made Volume Lashes the same as I apply Classic Lashes, by applying underneath the natural lash, however applying either on top or underneath is fine. I allocate the same amount of application time as the Classic Lashes 1:1 Method.



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