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Our favourite tweezers in one pack.

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Once again, we have hand tested these tweezers for both ‘isolation’ & ‘pick-up’ and both techniques have the tick of approval.

We highly recommend this tweezer for isolation as it will sit comfortably in your hand without weighing it down, making it less complicated to focus on getting your lashes completely isolated.

Furthermore, these tweezers have been precisely designed with a maximal surface area on the contact end for ease of use when gripping and holding lash extensions.

We understand that there are many different types of tweezers out there and it can be very difficult to know which tweezer is the perfect one for you.

It could also come down to personal preference, the angle that you prefer to work at or the space you have available to work with and if you are experiencing difficulties either in ‘isolation’ or ‘pick-up’ we recommend that you try a different style of tweezer in order to seek what is most comfortable and most suited for you.

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